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Before and AfterA major misconception is that windows are vacuum sealed. This is false. In fact, if they were, they would explode! A window is constructed with semi-permeable seals, to allow proper air transfer through the panes. The spacer frame in between the thermal panes are packed with silica desiccant material. The primary function of this material is to absorb the moisture collected in the inner airspace of the thermal window cavity, thus keeping the condensation and/or “fog” from building up. After a significant period of time, the silica desiccant material can become saturated with moisture, resulting in the inability to absorb any more moisture. The remaining moisture is released in between the window panes, causing condensation build up, or even a “foggy” looking window. If left untreated,the trapped moisture will quickly corrode the inner glass surfaces, eventually leaving mineral deposits and a permanent white silica haze. This will also affect the R-Value of your window, and increase energy costs to your home.

Act quickly, and the DRYVIEW PROCESS will solve your “foggy” window condensation problems at a fraction of the cost of other window repair methods. We specialize in moisture and condensation removal from your thermal windows, while lowering your energy costs and restoring the much needed R-Value. Over the years, our unique and proven technology has revolutionized the traditional window replacement business by repairing problem windows through our restoration process. This process can also be applied to new windows protecting against future seal failures and moisture accumulation. Our process is backed by our 15 year warrantee.

Visible fog, condensation, or moisture is a sign that your sealed window unit has simply reached its threshold to absorb moisture, causing a “foggy” window, or condensation problem. This is a repairable and preventable condition. The DRYVIEW PROCESS works on both residential and commercial buildings, helping home owners and businesses alike reduce replacement costs while restoring the beauty and R-Value of your windows.

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